What is there to administer?

One definition of the word ‘administer’ is ‘to manage’. All our communal areas and services need managing: – the gardens, pools, stairways, lifts, entrances, garages, lights, drains, walkways and roads and any other shared spaces and services.

All of these things need to be managed – maintained, serviced and repaired when necessary.

Why use an Administration company?

It is quite possible for a community to function without paying for the services of an administration company. The question is – would we want to? Certainly in the early days of a community the task of establishing services and contracts and maintaining the community can be very time consuming and demanding. A knowledge of the language and the law could also be considered a useful requirement. Given these factors one might consider it is better to hire in a professional company.

An administrator, when he is a paid professional, is not an elected officer of the community. He is contracted for his services and is chosen by the community.

A community member, the president or another, may carry out many duties of administration, but may not be paid for it.

What does such a company do for us?

Article 20 of the Law of Horizontal Property defines the functions of an Administrator which are as follows :

  1. To ensure the proper management of the community, its installations and services and, to this effect, provide the owners with timely information and warnings.
  2. To prepare the budget of anticipated expenses sufficiently in advance and submit it to the general meeting, proposing the necessary measures to cover the expenses.
  3. To attend to the conservation and maintenance of the buildings, arranging for the ordinary repairs and taking urgent measures regarding extraordinary repairs, giving an immediate report to the general meeting or, as the case may be, to the property owners.
  4. To carry out resolutions taken regarding works and to make any payments and receive any monies as properly disposed.
  5. To act, when the case arises, as secretary of the general meeting and to keep custody, at the disposition of the owners, of the documentation of the community.
  6. Any other functions conferred by the general meeting.


At the AGM held 11 November 2004 Intercala were appointed as the Community’s Administrators, replacing the previous Administrator Golf Valley.

At the AGM held on 26 October 2009 Intercala were replaced by G & M Administraciones .

At the AGM held on 28 November 2016 ‘G & M Administraciones’ were replaced by ‘Administracion de Fincas Ronda’ with effect from 01 January 2017.

At the AGM on 15th November 2019 it was agreed that Administracion de Fincas Ronda should continue as our Administration company.

The Administrator’s offices are in Fuengirola:

Administracion de Fincas Ronda
C/Toston No.2, 3-1

Tel : 952 47 67 97
You can email Gerardo Perez-Clotet Dominguez at  administracion @ administraciondefincasronda.com