September Report 2021

Dear Owners, September presented us with a new leak in Pool 2. The pipe responsible has been located and work to repair it begun. The entrance floor to block 3 was repaired. We had problems with the community cleaner after Raquel, who had been with us for some time, decided to leave. Her replacement was not fulfilling the contracted hours so she has now been replaced. The company that supply the cleaner will credit the community with the hours that were not worked. Community accounts have now been closed [...]

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August Report 2021

Dear Owners, August, with its influx of visitors, bought with it the usual holiday issues but no major incidents. The floor in block 9 and the garage door to block 3 were finally repaired after some delay and repairs were also carried out to one of the toilets at pool 1 along with various minor maintenance issues. You should all have been notified that the AGM is scheduled for 6pm on Monday 15 November and hopefully it will go ahead this year. The accounts will be closed off at [...]

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July Report 2021/Informe Julio 2021

Dear Owners, July was an interesting and challenging month with some unusual events and a variety of maintenance work carried out. Jorge checked all the sprinkler supply and manhole covers in the gardens and replaced them where necessary as movement of the ground, after the heavy rain we had a while ago, meant some had become unsafe as Inuso discovered when he fell down one - thankfully he was not hurt.  The garage door to block 3 has been out of action whilst we waited for a part. 4 [...]

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June Report 2021/Informe Junio 2021

Dear Owners, June was a relatively quiet month - maybe the calm before the storm as the summer season approaches? We had to call in the specialist company to find the leak in the children's pool at Pool 2 which we did and the leak has now been repaired. It's nice to see more owners and visitors arriving - all owners should have received the pool regulations which are in force for this season. They really don't vary much from 2020. Community sunbeds are still out of action as [...]

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Pools 2021

Dear Owners, There are no changes to pool rules from last year. If you rent out your apartment please ensure your guests know the rules : Here is a reminder : There will be one access point only to each pool where there will be hand sanitiser which must be used before entering the pool area Access to Pool 1 will be the gate between blocks 1 and 2 Access to Pool 2 will be the gate between blocks 7 and 8 Access to Pool 3 will be the [...]

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May Report 2021/Informe Mayo 2021

Dear Owners, Cristobal is now recovering at home from his operation on his femur , following his accident, and once that has healed the doctors will decide what to do about his knee injuries. I don't think it's likely that we will see him back at work this year unfortunately. We have yet another pool leak, this time it is in the children's pool at Pool 2. Jorge is trying to establish the source of the leak but if he is unable to do so we will have to [...]

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Cristobal Gavira

Dear Owners, On Friday morning on his way home from work Cristobal Gavira, one of our concierges, had a serious accident on his motorbike and is currently in hospital. He broke his femur, which has been operated on, and shattered one of his knees which the doctors are still deciding how best to repair. Cristobal's wife is 6 months pregnant and Cristobal had planned to take 16 weeks paternity leave when his baby arrives early August. It seems unlikely that Cristobal will return to work before starting his paternity [...]

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April Report 2021/Informe Abril 2021

Dear Owners, April was dominated by problems with Pool 2. We had a leak which had to be investigated and whilst waiting to find an appropriate company to do that at a reasonable cost we had a major breakdown of a piece of filter equipment which resulted in the loss of almost all the water. Both problems have now been fixed but we now face another huge water bill. Gerardo has again been spending time chasing debtors and the financial situation has improved slightly. At 6 May a total [...]

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Report March 2021/Informe Marzo 2021

Dear Owners, Nothing much to report throughout March other than torrential rain yet again caused problems in a lift, this time in Block 2. The problem this time was a huge amount of water entering in the basement area. Obviously we were not able to have our AGM last November because of restrictions. We are now over halfway through our community year and some people are still unable to travel to Spain. We can either wait and hope we can have an AGM this coming November or try to [...]

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Report February 2021/Informe Febrero 2021

Dear Owners, No major dramas to report through February thankfully. More heavy rain did cause another problem with water entering the lift shaft in block 6. We asked Jorge to look at the problem and he has had discussions with Schindler as to how we might prevent this happening again. The insurance company will pay for the repairs again this time but they have said they will not continue to do so as it has happened twice already this year and the repair work comes to several thousand euros, [...]

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January Report 2021/Informe Enero 2021

Dear Owners, Some good news in that Cristobal tested negative and returned to work on 10 January after 10 days self-isolation. The financial situation has improved slightly although the amount owed to the community is still at an extremely high unacceptable level. The massive storm on 9 January caused power cuts and flooding which resulted in the lift in block 7 being out of action for over a week. The repairs to the lift cost almost 3,000 euros which we have claimed back on the community insurance. The worst [...]

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Long Term Rental Required

Hi, I am looking for a friend, a long-term rental on Fase 1. Can be either a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartment. If you are looking for a long-term rental with payment up-front please contact me either on: e mail: Tel / WhatsApp - +34 622246522. Regards Roger Apto 308

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Tv and storage unit

Apt 406. We have a wood tv and storage unit for sale in a teak colour, which perfectly fits into the alcove recess in the 2 bed apartments, it was designed and built specifically for this space.  It comes in sections making it easy to rebuild. It is in excellent condition, just that we are changing our furniture.  If anybody would like details and a picture sending, please contact me directly on +34 637991273. Price: TV unit 150€ and LG tv 43 inches, if required 100€.  

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December Report 2020

Dear Owners, Well we have made it to the end of this challenging year but even December threw some curveballs our way! We had a major water leak in the meter cupboard of block 8 which Jorge repaired but we are now monitoring the situation in the hope that the same replacement work that had to be done in block 3 last year does not have to be repeated in block 8. This year we have had so many burst pipes in the community which contributed to our massive [...]

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November Report 2020

Dear Owners, November has been a frustrating time for several reasons. We have had a problem with lights tripping and it took some time to isolate the problem which we hope has now been resolved. We had to cancel the AGM with no idea of when it will be able to take place.  The door to garage 2 is broken and we are waiting for a part to repair the door plus we have a leak in pool 2. Our maintenance company thought they had resolved the problem but [...]

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Dear Owners, Following a meeting today with Voz Plus, over the next couple of days, the community internet supply will be increased from 50Mbps to 300Mbps. After Thursday 26th November you should turn off your router for a few minutes and then turn it back on again. Any owners that currently pay Voz Plus directly for a supply of more than 50Mbps will have those payments stopped. Nice to be able to pass on some good news for a change! Patti Tras reunirnos hoy con VozPlus, en los próximos [...]

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Hi Patti. I had an email from a friend in England who owns an apartment in Calahonda.  He has been informed that gangs are currently operating in Costa del Sol whereby they get into a complex having determined that certain apartments are unoccupied.  They break into the apartments then rent them out to long term tenants, collect rent and then take off.  On discovery, it becomes hard to evict the tenants without a prolonged legal process. It sounds hard to believe!  More so, in the case of communities that have [...]

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