June Report 2020/Informe Junio 2020

Dear Owners, June has seen changes in terms of the weather and the ‘state of alarm’ which has now officially ended. The heat has arrived with a vengeance so it was good news that we were able to re-open the community pools. All owners have been sent the additional rules which are in place. If you have long term tenants or holidaymakers using your apartment please ensure they are all aware of the restrictions which are in place for the safety of everyone. Broken water pipes caused some problems [...]

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May Report 2020/Informe Mayo 2020

Dear Owners May has certainly felt a little more 'normal' as some lockdown restrictions have been gradually lifted. The steps in pool 2 have finally been completed and both the adult and children's pool have also been re-grouted.  We also had to replace 2 lights in the adult pool but everything is now looking good just in time for the pool to re-open tomorrow, 1st June.  There is a water leak in the garden which Jorge needs to repair so the pool showers are off at the moment at [...]

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April Report 2020

Dear Owners, April has been both positive in that some things have been achieved and frustrating that some things are still on hold.  The work to the pool steps was scheduled to restart on April 27th but the builders have been delayed on another job. Hopefully that work will be completed soon and we can get the pool refilled as it is a concern that it has been empty for such a long time.  The painters have been able to return to Phase 1. They are not permitted, at [...]

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A cleaner

I have a very good cleaner who has been with me since I moved into my apartment 2 years ago. She is the best cleaner I have had and she needs to find some more work. I there is anyone who is looking for someone to clean and is very reliable I would recommend her. If you are interested please contact me and I will tell her to get in touch with you. regards, Sheila

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Charger for Electric vehickles

Hello Patti and friends in La Cala Hills, we are stuck in Norway with views that we might see Costa del Sol in the fall, may be late summer. I have just been reading up on Spanish laws and regulations about electric cars and how the sales are substituted. Interesting reading if you belong to the "cadget tribe". Prolem is:"where to charge?" Where I live in Norway, also a community with a garage arrangement more or less like what we have in La Cala Hills, we have solved it. It [...]

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March Report 2020

Dear Owners, Well March started off well - we changed community electricity supplier to save money and the work to install steps in Pool 2 commenced.  And then the lockdown kicked in.  Each time the Government announce new regulations there is a period of confusion as to who can and can't work as the announcements have always been made over a weekend and we've had to wait until the Monday to get clear information. We are fortunate that our community cleaner, gardener, pool maintenance and concierges have all been [...]

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National State of Alarm March 2020

Dear Owners, As you are undoubtedly aware Spain is now officially in a state of alarm and the entire country is effectively in quarantine.  The intended period of lockdown is 15 days although this may be extended. As a result my understanding is that the community workers - gardener, cleaner and concierges are not permitted to work.  The concierge on duty today (Sunday 15th) has been sent home and there will be no concierge on duty until we are advised that they may return to work. All community pools [...]

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February Report 2020

Dear Owners During February we had to carry out repairs once again to the main gate, install a new TV amplifier in block 7 and repair the garage door of block 3. New sun parasols have been installed at all three pools with 3 extra being added at pool 2 and 2 extra at pool 1. On 19th February our lawyer attended court regarding a claim against the community from a cleaning company which the previous President dismissed without giving the correct notice some years ago. The company were [...]

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January Report 2020

Dear Owners January has been a busy month despite some adverse weather. The repairs to a leak near the fountain were concluded.  Repairs to the main gate were carried out. All the palm trees have been pruned by a specialist company and our gardener Inuso is currently treating the grass areas around the community.  Paint supply problems and bad weather temporarily halted the painting project. Painting will now re-start on block 5.  The satellite dish on top of block 4 had to be removed because it was unsafe. The [...]

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Looking for apartment to rent

A couple who have rented in Phase 1 for five years are looking for a new apartment for long term rental as the owner of the one they are in wants to sell. If you are looking for tenants for your apartment - either two or three bed - please let me know and I will put them in touch with you Patti

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(still)for sale apartment 603, fase 1

our beautiful located apartment CASA MARO fase 1 , nr 603 is, still for sale. free views , south east, to fungirola and the sea, apartment 603 is a 2 bedroom apartment on the ground level with spectecular views and very well maintained. please call to us: rob/marijke 31 651464633 for more detailed information about a.o the price included.

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December report 2019

Dear Owners, The high winds and torrential rain at the start of December caused a few problems which were mainly loss of roof tiles and problems with the electrics in the square. We also suffered a broken main pipe near to the fountain plus problems with the electrics and a small pump in Pool 2, a leak in the garage of block 3 and floor tiles that had lifted in block 7. All have either been repaired or are in hand to be repaired. The painting of block 4 [...]

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November report 2019

Dear Owners, The main work carried out in November was the replacement of meters in block 3 and the painting project. Block 3 is finished and the painters are now working in block 4. The AGM was well attended and was a very positive, constructive meeting. The discussion concerning the enquiry into our previous Administrator resulted in a decision to offer a settlement of 40,654.06 euros provided this was paid by 22 November. I’m delighted to report that everything was paid by the stipulated deadline. One of the issues [...]

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AGM Summary 2019

Dear Owners, Here is a quick summary of today’s AGM. Full Minutes will be issued in due course. 1. Minutes of 2018 AGM were approved 2. Approval was given to take legal action against selected debtors 3. Community accounts for 2018/19 were approved 4. It was agreed to propose a settlement with old administrator in the sum of 40,654.06 to be paid in full by 22 November. Authority was given to extend this deadline at President’s discretion 5. Approval was given to give permanent contracts to Juanjo, Sam and [...]

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October Report 2019

Dear Owners, We once again had concierge issues during October and on the 2nd I had no choice but to sack Samuel Ananda who, unfortunately, had been unable to work as part of a team. Replacement cover was sourced until 18th October when a new concierge – Cristobal Gavira – started work. We now hopefully have a good team in place. The main maintenance issue was with the entrance gate but repairs were covered under the guarantee which is in place. The area between the two pools at Pool 1 [...]

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September Report 2019

Dear Owners, During September maintenance work was carried out to clean the drains outside the garages and in the internal gardens as we were forecast a heavy storm. All coped with the rain we experienced and we are prepared for future rain. Work was also done to upgrade the fire extinguishers and fire hydrants to ensure they fully comply with current laws. On this theme, and because we live in a high risk fire area, notices showing evacuation routes are now displayed on the notice board in each block. [...]

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August report 2019

Dear Owners, The summer season is coming to a close thankfully without us having experienced any major problems with the influx of visitors. From 1 August there have been 4 concierges working and these changes will be fully discussed at the AGM in November. One was off sick for 5 days which coincided with another being on holiday which meant there were a few hours overnight without cover for those 5 days. A speed bump has been installed at the front entrance gate – this will allow cars to [...]

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July report 2019

Dear Owners, Thank goodness July has been and gone as it brought with it an abundance of problems caused by holiday makers over and above what we usually experience. There were particular issues with big groups of young people in blocks 1 and 8 who felt the need to break every rule and some! It never ceases to amaze me how some people behave. Our lovely Tomi has now officially retired and the last payment was made to him at the end of June. I’m sure we all wish [...]

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