Rainwater diverter ?

Can anyone advise where I can purchase a new aluminium rainwater diverter. It's the small slightly bent piece of metal glued (silicon by looks of it) on the rainwater outlet above my balcony. It looks like we have lost ours (or the one above) in the wind ? We now being soaked by the outlet above our balcony. Looked on the grass below, cannot find it. Leroy Merlin didn't have any, I'm not sure I described it very well TBH. Thanks Bob 907

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Storeroom Lighting Fixture

Greetings Our storeroom lighting fixture has failed. Definitely the fixture; not the bulb.  Is fixing this problem within the community or the owner's responsibility? Thanks. Khalil. Apt 902

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Long Term Rental Required

Looking for a long-term rental in Fase 1. Either a 2 or 3 bedroom is fine. Good client. Can pay in advance. You can contact me via WhatsApp on +34 622246522 or email roger@marbellaresidential.com Thanks in advance Roger - Apto 308

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Security and keyholders

Can anyone help with some information please. I have recently taken ownership of an  apartment and would like some clarification on previous practices within the Phase 1 complex. On the 14th of last month, it appears we had a problem with Vozplus as I lost signal to a device around 8.30 am that morning. Around 11.30am ( obviously service had been resumed) my device picked up a Vozplus engineer and another gent leaving our apartment. I contacted the keyholders that I know about but no one had allowed access to [...]

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Alan 414

Morning Alan. I’m trying to contact you for a long term rental as we discussed a couple of weeks ago but the telephone number which I have for you has 1 digit missing. My number is 637 991 273. Could you contact me asap please? Alison 406.

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AGM November 2022

Here are the minutes of the last AGM on the 14th November, 2022. Gerardo the administrator will have already sent you these via your registered e mail address. See the 2 links below: English Minutes 2021 Acta Junta Ordianria 2021 Regards Roger Apto 308 Mijas Residential Tel: 622246522

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Cleaning of blocks

Dear owners The cleaning of the buildings following the damage caused by the calima has finally started. The painters are currently working on block 8 and then will work on block 9, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2 and 1. Because it is still busy in phase 1 they will first clean the fronts and insides of each block and then do the backs and terraces. We will let you know when they will require access to terraces. Patti

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AGM 2022

Dear Owners, The AGM this year will be held on Monday 14th November with the first call at 6pm and second call at 6.30pm. Venue will be confirmed but will likely be Venta de la Torre. Patti

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April Report 2022

Dear Owners, The main items dealt with this month were repairs to the garage door of block 3 and the installation of 3 new TV amplifiers in blocks 4, 5 and 6.  We've also had to install battery powered emergency lights in all the lifts. Our concierge, Juanjo, is still signed off sick and we have no indication of when he might be able to return which is the same for Crisobal Gavira so we are currently paying 6 concierges instead of the usual 4. Pools 1 and 2 [...]

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March Report 2022

Dear Owners, Well March was a challenging month and brought with it things that you couldn't make up! It began with the small pool 2 being filled after repair only to promptly empty itself again meaning the problem was not in the area we believed it to be.  Then the 'calima' arrived - strong winds and torrential rain filled with Saharan sand, which lasted for days and which coloured everything orange including our freshly painted community. I've had lots of discussions about how best to deal with the problem [...]

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February Report 2022

Dear Owners, Firstly my apologies for the lack of a report at the end of January so this report covers work done during January and February. Work was carried out to the lifts in blocks 6, 7, 8 and 9. Mesh was put on the entrance gates to blocks 4 and 9 to try and stop cats entering - can anyone tell me if the situation has improved or not please?  The work in the water storage area was carried out and then, shortly after, we had to also [...]

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Apartments for rent in Fase 1

Hi everyone. Our 2 bed apartment (110) is available for holiday rental and we are looking for others on our fase for friends/family to rent also. We currently have a friend enquiring to rent ours, roughly the first week in Aug 2022 and would like a second apartment for her parents close by. Does anyone else rent their apartments out at this time of year? Thank you, Liam & Leigh

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December Report 2021/Informe Diciembre 2021

Dear Owners, The mixed weather during December gave us some problems particularly the strong winds which damaged some roof tiles. Repairs were carried out to the fountain, the floor in block 2 and the garage door in block 9. Revisions and upgrades were carried out to the fire extinguishers around the community and from the 1st January we have a new lift maintenance company - Embarba. Gerardo negotiated a very good deal with Embarba which gives us a reduced maintenance rate and 3 free months this year and in [...]

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AGM Summary 2021

Dear Owners, Here is a quick summary of yesterday’s AGM. Full Minutes will be issued in due course. 1. Minutes of 2019 AGM were unanimously approved 2. Accounts for 2019/2020 were unanimously approved 3. Unanimous approval was given to take legal action against selected debtors if dialogue initially fails to resolve the situations before 31 December 2021 4. Community accounts for 2020/2021 were unanimously approved 5. Community officials remain the same 6. Budget was 2021/2022 was unanimously approved. Cuotas remain the same 7. An extra cuota to be paid [...]

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October Report 2021/Informe Octubre 2021

Dear Owners, Work carried out in October mainly featured around the pools - the leaking pipe in adult pool 2 was replaced. There is still a problem with children's pool 2 and we are waiting on the specialist company that detects where the leak is occurring. We have the same issue with children's pool 3 so they will also investigate that problem. The lights in adult pool 1 have all been replaced. I met with the boss of our cleaning company and arranged that, from 2 November,  instead of [...]

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