Internet speed/WIFI coverage

Hello, since we got a new WiFi router from Voxplus, is the speed low and also the in-house WiFi coverage. 2.4 gHz is working but very poor speed. 5.0 gHz is hardly to receive. Am I the only one ? Yr comments are wellcome   rgds Frits 811

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Children pool block 7/8

Dear All, Yes the workers started to remove the children pool. After a few hours work they stopped.... Now we are viewing a lott of stones/concrete (it looks like a bomb has been exploded) The look is not nice and we are getting some friends coming next wednesday for lunch . We don't hope that the work with the drilling machine will .....start.   Question: how long will this take..........   Rgds   Frits 811  

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Renting appartment

Hello, we are living in  811 and we are looking to rent an appartment for one of our childeren, Pls inform us if something is avalable.   Thanks   Rgds  Frits    

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Insurance policy Allianz

Dear all, I would like to introduce myself first. I am Luc Janssens . Since last March, the new owner of the apartment 111 block 1. I have just read on the site that we are insured for the buildings with Allianz. And therefore, not necessary to take out insurance for each apartment. Could you tell me where I can consult the insurance policy and obtain a copy ? Thank you for your feedback. Regards   Luc

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First Quarter Report

Dear Owners I would like to update you on whats been going on in our community over the last few months. Firstly thank you to our concierges, Sam, Adrienne, Cristobal 1, and Cristobal 2, our gardener Inuso and cleaner Mariaela, for the great job that they do. The Concierges always a point of contact and willing to help everyone from long to short term residents and help with any issues on the community.  Inuso who is just back from a holiday, he keeps the community gardens looking so beautiful and [...]

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Pool Block 1

Good morning Could you please let us know what is happening with the pool in block 1 more and more tiles are coming off and the water level is dropping everyday which would suggest leak. Kind regards Dawn  

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Internet Problem

Hi just returned to apartment since October , as normal tv and router where unplugged . However this time when plugged back in no internet ? Just wondered anyone any suggestions ? Thanks Nicky 912

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Barking dog

Were is the barking dog that barks almost every night all the time? Do someone know were and Who is the owner - must be a stop to this! Suggest that our board make claims to official community. Best Regards Thomas Westling apt 505

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Hi, The concierges have been added to the community website. This is to make communications with them easier. Every post that is published by an owner, the concierges will receive a copy, and can reply if needed. Also below are the direct contact numbers for the concierge gatehouse. Phone number: 604 442 963 Email Address: Regards Roger Apto 308

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2 bedroom apartment to rent in August

Hello, I have a 2 bedroom apartment available to rent out in August. It will be available from 2nd August to 9th August. Then once again available on 21st August to 31st August. If anyone is interested, please contact me asap. Kind regards, Joanne

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Vozplus Telephone

Hi everyone just another newbie question. Having received no instructions when we bought the apartment, I have no idea how the Vozplus telephone works. ie: is there a number to dial to obtain an outside line? Number for the concierge? Number for the main gate? Can you contact other apartments? What the charges would be to call another Spanish number? Any help would be welcomed and thanking you in advance. Alan #414

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Cleaning in room for sunbeds block 7

There is a room (outdoor) under our block where we have the sunbeds.  In that room there are different things that is garbage and need to be thrown away.  The «room» also need to be cleaned/washed.  Who is resposible for that?? The community?? The owners of the flats in the block??                            Karl-Erik Sørensen.     Apt 706

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Repair work on our terrace / 214

Dear residents of La Cala Hills Phase 1 On Tuesday, March 21, it is planned (if it doesn't rain) that a contractor will come and carry out repair work on our terrace. A number of tiles are broken, these will be replaced. Repairs are also carried out on various joints. This is a precaution to prevent possible moisture problems. We report it in the community to inform you that it may cause some inconvenience. Martin and Mariet Kamphuis Apartment 214

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New owners Ap 111

Hello, We are the new owners of apartment 111. We are very happy to join the community. We look forward to getting to know each other during our next stay. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger for all the help and assistance he has given us. See you soon. Karine & Luc Janssens

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Barking Dogs

Hi, I am living phase 1 block 5 apartment 505. We notice a problem with barking dogs every night and also daytime. Is this something that can be taken care of - very annoying with dogs barking all night! Difficult to sleep. Read an article that there are laws against this in Spain maximum35 dB daytime and max 28 dB during night.

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Loose material appartement 514

Due to strong wind during the last 24 hours, a noise indicating loose material is being observed at appartement 514. I am observing this noise from appartement 509, just below 514. I have informed the guard but he informed me that the owner is not at home and that the the guard can not take action. Who is able to check this appartement to avoid more damage than necessary? Regards, Hans van Meeuwen, app. 509  

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Rainwater diverter ?

Can anyone advise where I can purchase a new aluminium rainwater diverter. It's the small slightly bent piece of metal glued (silicon by looks of it) on the rainwater outlet above my balcony. It looks like we have lost ours (or the one above) in the wind ? We now being soaked by the outlet above our balcony. Looked on the grass below, cannot find it. Leroy Merlin didn't have any, I'm not sure I described it very well TBH. Thanks Bob 907

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