What is the Governing Board ?

The Governing Board is the body elected by the Owners to represent the interests of the Owners.

What does it consist of?

The Governing Board consists of a President who represents the Owners legally and otherwise,  a Vice President who works closely with the President and represents the President in his absence and several vocals.  All must be property owners in the Community. The President does not need to be Spanish, speak Spanish or even be an official full time Spanish resident.

What does the Governing Board do ?

The President carries out administrative duties with the assistance of the Administrator. The President signs contracts and cheques on behalf of the community, orders work that is included in the Annual Budget together with urgent necessary work. The President oversees the budget spend and prepares the proposed budget for the forthcoming year.

How is the Governing Board elected ?

The Governing Board is elected by the majority vote of the Owners either at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

How long does the Governing Board serve?

The Governing Board is elected for one year.

Board Focus Areas:

The current Governing Board maintain the following objectives:

  •  To maintain the community at the desired high standard
  • To protect and enhance the value of our investment
  • To maintain operating costs at competitive levels
  • To closely monitor all expenditure and budget levels
  • To maintain a reserve fund to protect the community against unforseen expenditure
  • To maintain the improved collection of community fees

The Governing Board today:

At the AGM on 15th November 2019 the following community owners were elected to become the Governing Board responsible for the management of La Cala Hills Phase 1:


Patti Senker (President).

She retired in January 2016 after 16 years working for a UK based children’s charity and is also a volunteer for the local animal charity P.A.D (Protección de Animales Domesticos).

Roger Emerson

Roger Emerson (Vice President)

Roger has lived in Phase 1 since it was first built and runs his family business RDMC’s specialising in glass curtains and stainless steel products.

Sandie Emerson

Sandie Emerson (Board member).

Sandie and husband Roger have lived in Phase 1 since it was first built after moving to Spain from the UK.

They have a successful local family business supplying glass curtains and stainless steel products

Barbara Harris

Alison Marshall

Barbara Harris (Apt. 809)

Alison Marshall (Apt.406)

Ian Leader (Apt.312) , Auditor


We would like to give thanks to the following owners who have served our Community in the role of President :

2004 – 2007

2007 – 2008

2008 – 2010

2010 – 2016

2016 –