All apartments are supplied with a telephone line already connected and a telephone number already allocated together with telephone points in the lounge and bedrooms.

Who provides our telephone service?

Our telephone service is provided by J L Satel (the same company who provide the ADSL service) based in Fuengirola.


Internal calls:

Between all Phases of La Cala Hills are free together with calls to Las Lomas (prefix 224) and El Limonar (prefix 226).

How do I make an internal call?

To make a call within La Cala Hills press 2, then the number of the phase followed by the number of the apartment.

What other services are offered?

Security Line:

J. L.Satel are able to provide a dedicated security line with direct connection to a 24hour service.
Check in-Check out service:
If you want to provide a telephone in a rental apartment J. L. Satel can arrange for a bill to be prepared for a defined period. You need to give them 2 days notice of the tenant’s date of arrival and date of departure.

Empty Property:

If your apartment is going to be unoccupied for more than a month and no more than six months, J L Satel can arrange a 33% discount on charges for monthly line rental and monthly maintenance. You need to advise them of the dates you would like to exercise this facility.

Where can I contact J. L. Satel?

Telephone : 952 663 647
Fax : 952 586 302
E-mail :

ADSL (Internet)

All apartments have an internet outlet in the wall. It is placed next to one of the phone outlets. The internet is provided as a community service and is paid as part of the community fee.
By connecting the PC to the outlet with a standard net-cable (a phone cable does not work here), you should be ready. It should not be necessary with any special setup at the PC.


Currently (November 2007) the speed is 2048/256 Mbit/Sec (down/up). Owners needing higher speed can buy a speed upgrade directly from our Internet Service Provider.


Each apartment is protected by a firewall and each property is isolated from every other property.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections should work fine through the Firewall.
In special cases, you may want to allow access from the internet directly to your own PC. In that case, you can ask our Internet Service Provider to open up a specific port in the Firewall for you.

Sending e-mail from an E-Mail Client:

If you use an e-mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Eudora) you need to specify an Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). Sometimes, you cannot use the one you use elsewere, because it has been blocked in order to fight spam. Then you may use the following instead:

SMTP Server:
User ID: calahills$
Password: lacala

The Internet Service Provider:

The community has a 5-year service contract with the company J. L. Satel, based in Fuengirola, to provide internet (and phone) services. This company will also supply the other phases of La Cala Hills with similar services. Satel owns the cables, the central and de-central equipment and is charging the community a yearly rate, independent of usage. The original cost has recently been reduced by 20% after negotiation by Intercala.
In case of Problems: The service contract allows owners to contact Juan Luis from Satel if there is a problem with the internet connection. There is no charge for this. The company will try to fix the problem immediately (can often be fixed directly from their office without the need for being on site). The contact number is currently: 649 97 6042.


The Intercom system can be used to between the block entrance and the apartment (Block Intercom), or between the main entrance gate and the apartment (Gate Intercom).

Block intercom:

Each block has a panel each side of the entrance gates displaying the number of each apartment. To contact an apartment simply press the apartment number. This activates the video door opener inside the apartment. The video panel will allow the owner to see who requires access. To open the block gate press the key button on the video door opener.
Please be sure that you know the person you are allowing to enter. Do not allow strangers to enter the block. If you are unsure, call the security guard.

Gate Intercom:

There is an intercom at the main gate which can be used by visitors if the security guard is not at the gate.
To contact an apartment from the Gate Intercom:

Enter the block number
Enter the code allocated to the apartment you require
Press the bell
A code will appear in the display
Press that code
Press the bell again

The message ‘llamando vivienda’ will confirm the apartment is being contacted
You can open the gate from your apartment by pressing the key button on the video door opene

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