The Long Term Plan

The long term plan for the gardens is to establish plants that, in time, will require little maintenance and which are well suited to the climate and our location. We also want to keep the use of weedkiller to a minimum.


The Gardening Company

Our gardens and grounds are currently maintained and managed by Lefema. Our gardener is Inuso.

The Gardeners

From 1st April 2017 as we engaged the services of a specialist pool company we have reduced to one full time gardener. Carlos works 8am – 4pm in the winter and 7am – 3pm in the summer Monday-Friday.y

When Antonio feels it is necessary he will bring in additional gardening staff, for which provision has already been made in the budget. More information about current garden projects can be found in the ‘What’s Cooking’ section.

Other Customers of our Gardening Company

The gardening company also look after the following:

Calahonda Park
La Cornisa
Jardines de Calahonda III fase
Sitio del Golf
Medina del Zoco
La Siesta 1
Colinas del Golf
Gardens of private villas
La Cala Hills Phase 2