Where is my allocated parking space?

Each apartment has one allocated parking space in the underground car park below each block – the parking space is marked with the same number as the apartment.

Owners are requested to use their allocated parking space at all times.

Where else can I park?

We would kindly request that cars be parked within the designated parking bays.

There is a designated Disabled Bay outside block 9. Residents and visitors are kindly requested not to park in this bay unless they are able to display a disabled badge. Please respect the fact that this bay is there for a reason!

Parking is not permitted outside Block 1

Can I use someone else’s parking space?

There are obviously a number of spaces that are empty a lot of the time. If you would like to ask an owner if you can use their space contact a member of the Governing Board and they will make the request for you.

On the subject of parking, or rather driving, there are some owners who refuse to acknowledge the one way system around the main square. Going the wrong way around the square is potentially very dangerous and it is therefore requested that all owners obey the one way system. It is also requested that speed is kept to a minimum as there are very often small children around Phase 1.

Garbage Collection

All household waste should be deposited in the large containers outside our main gate on the left.
All the smaller bins around the pool areas and the square are emptied by the duty concierge. These bins should not be used to deposit household waste.

Who empties the big containers just outside Phase 1 gates?

The big containers are emptied by Mijas Town Hall.

Who pays for the garbage to be collected?

The Town Hall service for the big containers is paid for by each owner through a charge levied by Mijas Town Hall.

Other information

The large refuse containers just outside our main entrance are currently used by Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and some of the villas.