March Report 2017

Dear Owners, This has been a busy month. The new cleaning company started on 1st March and we have needed to make a few adjustments in terms of our requirements. The company’s plan was to concentrate on a thorough cleaning of each block first but that led to some owners being dissatisfied with the service. We have taken all comments on board and amended the schedule accordingly. Hopefully we will get to a stage where everyone – or at least almost everyone – is happy. We finally recovered all [...]

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February Report 2017

Dear Owners, February has been more of the same – trying to unravel the mysteries of the previous administration, dealing with day to day events and looking at ways to improve things for the future and save money. Gerardo has been visiting the community every week and I have had several other meetings with him in his office this month as well as daily contact via email and phone. There are still outstanding requests for items from our old Administrator and her delaying tactics are frustrating and annoying. We [...]

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