February Report 2020

Dear Owners During February we had to carry out repairs once again to the main gate, install a new TV amplifier in block 7 and repair the garage door of block 3. New sun parasols have been installed at all three pools with 3 extra being added at pool 2 and 2 extra at pool 1. On 19th February our lawyer attended court regarding a claim against the community from a cleaning company which the previous President dismissed without giving the correct notice some years ago. The company were [...]

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January Report 2020

Dear Owners January has been a busy month despite some adverse weather. The repairs to a leak near the fountain were concluded.  Repairs to the main gate were carried out. All the palm trees have been pruned by a specialist company and our gardener Inuso is currently treating the grass areas around the community.  Paint supply problems and bad weather temporarily halted the painting project. Painting will now re-start on block 5.  The satellite dish on top of block 4 had to be removed because it was unsafe. The [...]

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