An attempt to educate the ignorant

Although I should not have to do this I am going to attempt to educate a small group of ignorant people within our community who seem to be continually fascinated by my husband and his ‘condition’ My reason for doing so is that a complete stranger, currently staying in apartment 311 in Phase 1, today felt that he had the right to be rude and abusive to my husband for no apparent reason other than he decided he could. These people don’t know Michael or anything about him and [...]

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March Report 2019

Dear Owners, March was dominated with changes to our concierges. Tomi visited the community on 5 March and is looking well although he remains signed off from work. His next doctor’s revision is 8 April. Juan Perdigones retired on the 10th March and his replacement – a very nice young man called Juanjo – started on the 20th. He will be covering night shifts and is on a temporary month by month contract as Tomi’s replacement. Samuel who had been covering Tomi has now been given a permanent contract [...]

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