A cleaner

I have a very good cleaner who has been with me since I moved into my apartment 2 years ago. She is the best cleaner I have had and she needs to find some more work. I there is anyone who is looking for someone to clean and is very reliable I would recommend her. If you are interested please contact me and I will tell her to get in touch with you. regards, Sheila

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Charger for Electric vehickles

Hello Patti and friends in La Cala Hills, we are stuck in Norway with views that we might see Costa del Sol in the fall, may be late summer. I have just been reading up on Spanish laws and regulations about electric cars and how the sales are substituted. Interesting reading if you belong to the "cadget tribe". Prolem is:"where to charge?" Where I live in Norway, also a community with a garage arrangement more or less like what we have in La Cala Hills, we have solved it. It [...]

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March Report 2020

Dear Owners, Well March started off well - we changed community electricity supplier to save money and the work to install steps in Pool 2 commenced.  And then the lockdown kicked in.  Each time the Government announce new regulations there is a period of confusion as to who can and can't work as the announcements have always been made over a weekend and we've had to wait until the Monday to get clear information. We are fortunate that our community cleaner, gardener, pool maintenance and concierges have all been [...]

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