Report February 2021

Dear Owners, No major dramas to report through February thankfully. More heavy rain did cause another problem with water entering the lift shaft in block 6. We asked Jorge to look at the problem and he has had discussions with Schindler as to how we might prevent this happening again. The insurance company will pay for the repairs again this time but they have said they will not continue to do so as it has happened twice already this year and the repair work comes to several thousand euros, [...]

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January Report 2021/Informe Enero 2021

Dear Owners, Some good news in that Cristobal tested negative and returned to work on 10 January after 10 days self-isolation. The financial situation has improved slightly although the amount owed to the community is still at an extremely high unacceptable level. The massive storm on 9 January caused power cuts and flooding which resulted in the lift in block 7 being out of action for over a week. The repairs to the lift cost almost 3,000 euros which we have claimed back on the community insurance. The worst [...]

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December Report 2020

Dear Owners, Well we have made it to the end of this challenging year but even December threw some curveballs our way! We had a major water leak in the meter cupboard of block 8 which Jorge repaired but we are now monitoring the situation in the hope that the same replacement work that had to be done in block 3 last year does not have to be repeated in block 8. This year we have had so many burst pipes in the community which contributed to our massive [...]

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November Report 2020

Dear Owners, November has been a frustrating time for several reasons. We have had a problem with lights tripping and it took some time to isolate the problem which we hope has now been resolved. We had to cancel the AGM with no idea of when it will be able to take place.  The door to garage 2 is broken and we are waiting for a part to repair the door plus we have a leak in pool 2. Our maintenance company thought they had resolved the problem but [...]

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Dear Owners, Following a meeting today with Voz Plus, over the next couple of days, the community internet supply will be increased from 50Mbps to 300Mbps. After Thursday 26th November you should turn off your router for a few minutes and then turn it back on again. Any owners that currently pay Voz Plus directly for a supply of more than 50Mbps will have those payments stopped. Nice to be able to pass on some good news for a change! Patti Tras reunirnos hoy con VozPlus, en los próximos [...]

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Hi Patti. I had an email from a friend in England who owns an apartment in Calahonda.  He has been informed that gangs are currently operating in Costa del Sol whereby they get into a complex having determined that certain apartments are unoccupied.  They break into the apartments then rent them out to long term tenants, collect rent and then take off.  On discovery, it becomes hard to evict the tenants without a prolonged legal process. It sounds hard to believe!  More so, in the case of communities that have [...]

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October Report 2020/Informe Octubre 2020

Dear Owners, Our community year, which began on 1st October, did not get off to a great start after attending Court in Malaga on 16th October regarding the claim made by our previous gardener Carlos. It does not bode well when your own lawyer says you are not going to win! After some negotiations a settlement was agreed to pay Carlos 4,600 euros.  In spite of this settlement I do believe we are better off both in terms of now having Inuso and the fact that we now pay [...]

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September report 2020/Informe Septiembre 2020

Dear Owners, Things quietened down a lot in September and there were no major repairs needed other than to the garage door of block 4.  All the lampposts in the community and drain covers outside the blocks have been painted and the paint company are now working on block 1. The month did finish with a worrying incident - a young man gained entry to Phase 1 in a car when the concierge was not at the gate. This is obviously easy to do when gates remain open temporarily [...]

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August Report 2020/Informe Agosto 2020

Dear Owners, August presented us with more water leaks - one in the water tank storage area and we had a broken pipe between blocks 4 and 5. The garage door to block 3 was repaired as well as the chlorine dose machine of Pool 3. The painters had two weeks holiday and returned on 24 August. They are now working in block 2. All non-emergency work was suspended as funds in the bank account were running low. Gerardo did a great job quickly chasing up debtors. I would [...]

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Use of website

A reminder to all that, as the website name makes clear, this forum/blog is for OWNERS of property in Phase 1.  Owners should not pass on their access details to tenants. If a tenant has concerns they should be addressed to their property owner who can take the matter up with the Administrator. Patti

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July Report 2020/Informe Julio 2020

Dear Owners, The best news in July was that our lovely gardener Inuso was finally able to return to Spain and started back to work on 16th July. Whilst we have been grateful to Inuso's replacements, who kept things going in his absence, there is no-one quite like Inuso. Gerardo and I met with Endesa to discuss better tariffs for the community electricty bills. The new sunshades, which were installed at all pools, required some adjustment which has now been done so they are no longer 'wobbly'. There was [...]

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June Report 2020/Informe Junio 2020

Dear Owners, June has seen changes in terms of the weather and the ‘state of alarm’ which has now officially ended. The heat has arrived with a vengeance so it was good news that we were able to re-open the community pools. All owners have been sent the additional rules which are in place. If you have long term tenants or holidaymakers using your apartment please ensure they are all aware of the restrictions which are in place for the safety of everyone. Broken water pipes caused some problems [...]

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May Report 2020/Informe Mayo 2020

Dear Owners May has certainly felt a little more 'normal' as some lockdown restrictions have been gradually lifted. The steps in pool 2 have finally been completed and both the adult and children's pool have also been re-grouted.  We also had to replace 2 lights in the adult pool but everything is now looking good just in time for the pool to re-open tomorrow, 1st June.  There is a water leak in the garden which Jorge needs to repair so the pool showers are off at the moment at [...]

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April Report 2020

Dear Owners, April has been both positive in that some things have been achieved and frustrating that some things are still on hold.  The work to the pool steps was scheduled to restart on April 27th but the builders have been delayed on another job. Hopefully that work will be completed soon and we can get the pool refilled as it is a concern that it has been empty for such a long time.  The painters have been able to return to Phase 1. They are not permitted, at [...]

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March Report 2020

Dear Owners, Well March started off well - we changed community electricity supplier to save money and the work to install steps in Pool 2 commenced.  And then the lockdown kicked in.  Each time the Government announce new regulations there is a period of confusion as to who can and can't work as the announcements have always been made over a weekend and we've had to wait until the Monday to get clear information. We are fortunate that our community cleaner, gardener, pool maintenance and concierges have all been [...]

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National State of Alarm March 2020

Dear Owners, As you are undoubtedly aware Spain is now officially in a state of alarm and the entire country is effectively in quarantine.  The intended period of lockdown is 15 days although this may be extended. As a result my understanding is that the community workers - gardener, cleaner and concierges are not permitted to work.  The concierge on duty today (Sunday 15th) has been sent home and there will be no concierge on duty until we are advised that they may return to work. All community pools [...]

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February Report 2020

Dear Owners During February we had to carry out repairs once again to the main gate, install a new TV amplifier in block 7 and repair the garage door of block 3. New sun parasols have been installed at all three pools with 3 extra being added at pool 2 and 2 extra at pool 1. On 19th February our lawyer attended court regarding a claim against the community from a cleaning company which the previous President dismissed without giving the correct notice some years ago. The company were [...]

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January Report 2020

Dear Owners January has been a busy month despite some adverse weather. The repairs to a leak near the fountain were concluded.  Repairs to the main gate were carried out. All the palm trees have been pruned by a specialist company and our gardener Inuso is currently treating the grass areas around the community.  Paint supply problems and bad weather temporarily halted the painting project. Painting will now re-start on block 5.  The satellite dish on top of block 4 had to be removed because it was unsafe. The [...]

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