Painting of Terraces

Dear Owners, The company carrying out the painting of the blocks will also paint private terraces if required. The prices are as follows : 2 bed – 375 euros 3 bed 475 euros Penthouse 575 euros These prices include painting of the railings. If anyone would like to arrange for their terrace to be painted let me know and I will pass on your details to the company. Patti

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January report 2018

Dear Owners, January has proved to be a busy month. The painting project began on 2 January as scheduled and block 1 will be completed shortly. Whilst we were lucky with the weather at the start of the month it deteriorated somewhat towards the end of the month. The wall on the left as you enter Phase 1 has been painted as has the internet equipment building. The telephone box, which had not worked for several years, has been removed. Sadly someone felt it necessary to steal two tubs [...]

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