July Report 2018

Dear Owners, Thankfully we have not had any major problems during July. There have been the usual minor repairs needed in various areas like the garage doors to blocks 8 and 2, some small water pipes in the gardens and a new net has been installed in the padel tennis court. The painters are now working on block 4 and also on the outside of block 3. They are trying to get the outside of block 3 completed before the temperatures rise any further. They will then concentrate on [...]

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June Report 2018

Dear Owners, Summer has well and truly arrived which means that Carlos, our gardener, has been working 7am to 3pm since 1st June. A variety of maintenance jobs have been carried out this month including repair to the lock on the entrance gate of block 3, repair to roof tiles on block 3, replacement of some broken floor tiles in block 9, repairs to a broken sprinkler system pipe between blocks 8 and 9 and the moving of some sprinkler pipes outside block 3 which had been causing damp [...]

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