October Report 2017

Dear Owners, There were no major issues to contend with during October. We did have some heavy rain but no problems arose in any of the blocks. Some minor repairs took place – a leak to the children’s pool 2 was repaired; a water leak in block 1 was repaired and roof tiles to block 5 were replaced. Carlos (2) was back during the first week of October to assist with the pruning of our bigger trees. One toilet at each pool has now been locked for the winter [...]

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AGM 2017 Summary

Dear Owners, For those of you who were not at the AGM last Friday here is a summary of what was agreed. Obviously you will all receive the full Minutes as soon as they are finalised. 1. Authority was given to open a new Community bank account to save on charges 2. Legal action will commence against owners owing more than one quarter’s fees as at 30th September 2017 which have not yet been paid 3. Approval of community accounts was not given due to the lack of a [...]

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