Storeroom Lighting Fixture

Greetings Our storeroom lighting fixture has failed. Definitely the fixture; not the bulb.  Is fixing this problem within the community or the owner's responsibility? Thanks. Khalil. Apt 902

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Long Term Rental Required

Looking for a long-term rental in Fase 1. Either a 2 or 3 bedroom is fine. Good client. Can pay in advance. You can contact me via WhatsApp on +34 622246522 or email Thanks in advance Roger - Apto 308

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Security and keyholders

Can anyone help with some information please. I have recently taken ownership of an  apartment and would like some clarification on previous practices within the Phase 1 complex. On the 14th of last month, it appears we had a problem with Vozplus as I lost signal to a device around 8.30 am that morning. Around 11.30am ( obviously service had been resumed) my device picked up a Vozplus engineer and another gent leaving our apartment. I contacted the keyholders that I know about but no one had allowed access to [...]

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