Rainwater diverter ?

Can anyone advise where I can purchase a new aluminium rainwater diverter. It's the small slightly bent piece of metal glued (silicon by looks of it) on the rainwater outlet above my balcony. It looks like we have lost ours (or the one above) in the wind ? We now being soaked by the outlet above our balcony. Looked on the grass below, cannot find it. Leroy Merlin didn't have any, I'm not sure I described it very well TBH. Thanks Bob 907

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Storeroom Lighting Fixture

Greetings Our storeroom lighting fixture has failed. Definitely the fixture; not the bulb.  Is fixing this problem within the community or the owner's responsibility? Thanks. Khalil. Apt 902

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Long Term Rental Required

Looking for a long-term rental in Fase 1. Either a 2 or 3 bedroom is fine. Good client. Can pay in advance. You can contact me via WhatsApp on +34 622246522 or email roger@marbellaresidential.com Thanks in advance Roger - Apto 308

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Security and keyholders

Can anyone help with some information please. I have recently taken ownership of an  apartment and would like some clarification on previous practices within the Phase 1 complex. On the 14th of last month, it appears we had a problem with Vozplus as I lost signal to a device around 8.30 am that morning. Around 11.30am ( obviously service had been resumed) my device picked up a Vozplus engineer and another gent leaving our apartment. I contacted the keyholders that I know about but no one had allowed access to [...]

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Alan 414

Morning Alan. I’m trying to contact you for a long term rental as we discussed a couple of weeks ago but the telephone number which I have for you has 1 digit missing. My number is 637 991 273. Could you contact me asap please? Alison 406.

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Apartments for rent in Fase 1

Hi everyone. Our 2 bed apartment (110) is available for holiday rental and we are looking for others on our fase for friends/family to rent also. We currently have a friend enquiring to rent ours, roughly the first week in Aug 2022 and would like a second apartment for her parents close by. Does anyone else rent their apartments out at this time of year? Thank you, Liam & Leigh

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Long Term Rental Required

Hi, I am looking for a friend, a long-term rental on Fase 1. Can be either a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartment. If you are looking for a long-term rental with payment up-front please contact me either on: e mail: roger@cgomedia.com Tel / WhatsApp - +34 622246522. Regards Roger Apto 308

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Tv and storage unit

Apt 406. We have a wood tv and storage unit for sale in a teak colour, which perfectly fits into the alcove recess in the 2 bed apartments, it was designed and built specifically for this space.  It comes in sections making it easy to rebuild. It is in excellent condition, just that we are changing our furniture.  If anybody would like details and a picture sending, please contact me directly on +34 637991273. Price: TV unit 150€ and LG tv 43 inches, if required 100€.  

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Hi Patti. I had an email from a friend in England who owns an apartment in Calahonda.  He has been informed that gangs are currently operating in Costa del Sol whereby they get into a complex having determined that certain apartments are unoccupied.  They break into the apartments then rent them out to long term tenants, collect rent and then take off.  On discovery, it becomes hard to evict the tenants without a prolonged legal process. It sounds hard to believe!  More so, in the case of communities that have [...]

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A cleaner

I have a very good cleaner who has been with me since I moved into my apartment 2 years ago. She is the best cleaner I have had and she needs to find some more work. I there is anyone who is looking for someone to clean and is very reliable I would recommend her. If you are interested please contact me and I will tell her to get in touch with you. regards, Sheila

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An attempt to educate the ignorant

Although I should not have to do this I am going to attempt to educate a small group of ignorant people within our community who seem to be continually fascinated by my husband and his ‘condition’ My reason for doing so is that a complete stranger, currently staying in apartment 311 in Phase 1, today felt that he had the right to be rude and abusive to my husband for no apparent reason other than he decided he could. These people don’t know Michael or anything about him and [...]

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