Presidents Report Nov 2017


Dear Owners,
With our Community year having ended on 30th September and in preparation for our AGM on 17th November, the following report is a summary of what has taken place over the past year. This report covers the period from January to September 2017 as I was unable to communicate with the previous administrator after the 2016 AGM due to her lack of cooperation.

Our new administrator officially took over from 1st January 2017 and his working practice, record keeping and communication with me, our workers, owners and suppliers has been excellent. He visits the community weekly and attends meetings of the Governing Board. It is refreshing that he is so involved with our Community.

Changes to working practices this year were:
 A new cleaning company was contracted from 1st March
 A new gestor was appointed
 A new community lawyer was appointed
 A new pool company was contracted from 1st April
 A new contract with Schindler for lift maintenance was negotiated
 Lift lights were altered so they only operate when lift is in use
 Electricity costs were reduced
 Indemnity insurance was put in place for all three concierges
 We reduced to one full time gardener from 1st April with additional help when needed
 Creation of a €20,000 reserve fund
 Regularisation of payments to Voz Plus

Projects undertaken this year were:
 Completion of tiling to internal gardens in blocks 1, 2, 4 ,6 and 7
 Placing of planters outside block 1
 Pool 2 heating reinstated
 New pump installed for domestic water supply
 All community benches and the pergola in the square were painted
 A new area for collection of garden rubbish was created and the skip removed
 Fibre optic installed
 Enclosure of all three children’s swimming pool
 Repairs in blocks 4, 6, 7 and 9 due to settlement
 All 58 palm trees pruned by specialist company
 Entrance to Phase 1 and concierge’s room repainted

Minor maintenance included:
 Repairs to fountain behind block 3
 Repairs to children’s pool 2
 Repairs to pool 1
 Adjustment to pool gates
 Cracks repaired to outside of block 5 and TV room
 Clearing of blocked pipes in block 9
 Clearing of blocked drains in blocks 4, 6 and 8
 Repairs to intercom system
 Repairs to leaking gutters
 Repairs to garage doors

We had €18,847.93 in the bank on 30th September 2016 and the old administrator was holding €17,897.62 in cash. (Total €36,745.55) The cash was not handed over in full until 7 March 2017. On 30th September 2017 we had €60,069.32 in the bank and €20,000 in a separate reserve fund (Total €80,069.32). Any cash that is given to our administrator as payment for community fees is immediately paid into the community bank account.
It was always my goal this year to get the community back on a sound financial footing and that has been achieved. I will request authority at the AGM to increase our reserve fund. Although we still have a debtors list, Gerardo and I will continue to work closely with those owners to reduce the liability to the community or to take legal action when necessary.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Governing Board for their support and to our team of concierges, cleaner, gardeners, our swimming pool company and our maintenance company. They have all worked hard to find ways to save money and improve services and are working together as a team supporting each other. Tomi has worked some nights and Cristobal some days when needed and the night shift concierges have taken on the duties of emptying the rubbish bins around the community and sweeping the pavements when needed.

Jorge and his maintenance team do a fantastic job keeping on top of minor repairs and Sam has kept the swimming pools in pristine condition since April including a very busy summer. Our cleaner has finally settled in and is doing a great job after some initial issues. Carlos is taking great pride in maintaining the gardens and his work ethic has improved greatly. We bring in extra help when he deems it necessary.

The AGM is always an important date in our calendar and this year is no exception as we have some important issues to vote on. One concerns the payment structure for our concierges and one potentially concerns the situation with our previous administrator, Carmen Garcia. Based on concerns raised at last year’s AGM and Carmen’s attitude and behaviour, especially during the changeover to the new administrator plus her continued refusal to hand over documents, I began looking at things very closely and many questions were raised which Carmen refused to answer. I reported her to the professional body which oversees administration companies here in the province of Málaga. After consultation with our new administrator and the Governing Board I took the decision to instruct a company to carry out an independent audit of the last three years. Based on their findings in that period they requested going back a further two years. We are still awaiting their final report and this will be presented at the AGM.

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person please ensure that your interests are represented by giving your proxy to a fellow owner. Proxy votes can be sent to the administrator:
or to me:

Finally, just to let you know, the current board are prepared to continue for the coming
year, as is the administrator. Gerardo and I both feel that we have worked hard to get things
back on a secure footing and we have built up good relationships with all those involved
with our community. However, as always, if anyone else wishes to stand as President
please let our administrator know.

I look forward to seeing you on 17th November.

Patti Senker
President Phase 1, La Cala Hills
2 October 2017

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