February Report 2018

Dear Owners,

February has been challenging but mainly because of the wind and rain we have been experiencing.

Pool 1 was emptied at the end of last month and, as suspected, after closer inspection the entire floor needs to be re-tiled which will cost about 5,000 euros more than originally anticipated. The work is scheduled to begin on March 12th but will be dependent on the weather being dry. It is anticipated that the work will take about 2 weeks to complete so if all goes to schedule the pool will be open for Easter. Repairs are needed to the motors of pools 1 and 3 which will be carried out before the season begins. The heat pumps to pool 2 were turned on and it was discovered that only one was working. A replacement part has been ordered and will be fitted as soon as it arrives. The pool temperature did get up to 18 degrees with just one pump so people have been able to use the pool. The pump is off at the moment whilst we are experiencing heavy rain. As soon as the rain stops the pump will be turned back on.

The persistent rain has slowed down the painting project although the painters are able to work on some inside areas whilst they are unable to work outside. Block 2 is almost completed and from there they will move on to block 9. During the rain when Carlos is unable to work in the garden he has continued to paint the garage walls. Block 2 is completed and he is now concentrating on block 9. All the drains have coped well with the heavy rain – Jorge had to clear one outside block 9 – and there have been no serious problems with flooding.

As an extra security measure all gates to each block have been fitted with metal plates so a key has to be used to open the gates from outside. A button has now been installed on the outside of the concierge hut to open the pedestrian gate from inside the community. This gate has also been fitted with a closer. One gate to block 9 had to be repaired.

All prohibited items have been removed from the garages apart from some in one area of block 5 which the owner will remove this month and in block 3 which the owner has been asked to dispose of. Notices are now displayed in each garage reminding everyone that only cars, motorbikes and bicycles may be stored in the parking bays.

New uniforms have been purchased for the concierges and for Carlos.

Gerardo and I met with the company looking into our previous administration and received their report. Their initial findings prompted further investigations which are almost completed. The report has been fully discussed with the Governing Board. Once I am in a position to do so owners will be advised of the outcome of the investigation.


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